Jackson is ONE!

I first took photos of this family last fall, and mentioned to Julie, Jackson’s mom, that we should definitely schedule a cake smash photo session for his first birthday. Cake smashes are fun- the kid gets to enjoy some cake, and I get to take some cute and messy photos to celebrate a milestone first birthday. Julie put all the props together for the shoot and we were ready to go!


Except when the birthday boy doesn’t like his cake. That’s right. Julie ordered an adorable cake and Jackson did not know what to do with it. When he tasted a little of the icing, he made a face like he had just eaten something more along the lines of sauerkraut or pickle juice!

This was quite a surprise to Mom and Dad, who noted that he puts everything in his mouth. Leaves, dirt, you name it- much like every other kid his age. Maybe he just doesn’t know what to do on the floor. Maybe he’ll start eating if we put him in his high chair?

Jackson started out being really excited, but his attitude changed when he realized he was getting that same old cake in the chair. He wasn’t having it… Although, Dad was kind of proud of him for not tearing into the cake.

And if he had gotten all messy with the cake, we might not have gotten these adorable photos with the red balloon.


Happy Birthday, Jackson!

P.S. I hope your mom and dad enjoyed your cake!

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Meet Baby Vera

Sweet little Vera entered the world less than two weeks ago. I was so excited to photograph her and her beautiful head of dark hair, which is quite the contrast to her three siblings when they were born! I had the pleasure of taking each of their newborn photos, and it’s so awesome to see traits of each of them in her.


I was happy to have the opportunity to put this flower wreath to use, and the photos turned out so darling. Look at the sweetness!


Vera was sweet and sleepy for the most part- a perfect newborn model! I had MANY ideas for her photos, and we got to most of them before her sisters and brother arrived for the sibling images. But I still have a swing prop I’m hoping to use soon on my next newborn girl for another garden-like look.

When I planned for the shots below, I had it pictured perfectly in my head. The oldest girl will hold the baby in her lap, the little boy on the left will lean against his big sister and the little girl on the right will cheerfully lean against her sister’s legs and everyone will look at my camera at once and I’ll get the perfect shot! …And then I laughed to myself, because that was probably a pretty far fetched idea for children so little.

And you can’t blame the kids- they’re kids, of course! Short attention spans are perfectly normal. When you’ve got little toddlers with minds of their own, it’s easy to feel a bit overwhelmed, wondering if you’ll ever catch a shot where each kid is cooperating at the same time.

What I do see in these images is a connection between siblings. I see interaction and- obviously-  adorable faces. But the best part was when I showed their mother the preview images. She saw these and an “Ooohhhh!” came out of her mouth. That’s what makes it special.


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Hey, there! Thanks for checking me out. I’m a photographer in Lee’s Summit, MO, part of greater Kansas City (Go Royals!), and I specialize in two separate areas: architectural and interior photography (I’ve photographed hundreds of hotels, resorts and other businesses over the last 8+ years all over the U.S. and internationally); and I also run a portrait business. 

More recently, I’ve slowed down on the travel work to spend more time around the people I love- my family, my friends and the love of my life, Cory- and have finally realized my dream of having a dog for the first time in my adult life. Arlo has destroyed SO MANY of my shoes, but he’s got my heart for sure, and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Cory, assisting me on a resort shoot in Grand Cayman
Arlo at 8 months (currently 9 months old)

Now that I’m not jetting off to a different destination every week or two and have more time for new clients in KC, I’m growing my portrait business.

With this blog, I hope to offer several different things to keep it interesting and informative. Here’s what you can expect to see from me:

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