The Forgotten Tween?

Do you remember being a tween? I sure do.

I don’t remember every detail, but I remember being self-conscious about everything. I was really scrawny and skinny (once a relative even told me I looked anorexic, which was such a punch to the gut since it was just the way I was- I couldn’t help it!), I was taller than every other girl in my class by age 9 so I hunched my shoulders to seem shorter, and I was bullied and left out so often because, well, I had a lot more arm and leg hair than the other girls my age and it was easy for everyone else to make fun of me. I mean, if you have ever met my dad, you know where I get it from. It was another one of those things I had no control over, except that my mom let me start shaving my legs when I was in fifth grade. Oh GEEZ, I must be crazy for divulging all this information! But I do have a reason…

I’m a portrait photographer- I make beautiful images of babies and toddlers. They’re so cute and chubby and funny. And then I take portraits of your families when the kids are still pretty young. And then life gets pretty crazy, right? After school activities, gymnastics and dance and little league. And before you know it your child is a senior, and that’s another important milestone in her life and we go all out for her senior portraits.

But… what about all those years in between? Almost all of the photos I have of myself from about 10 years old through most of high school (which number WAY fewer than the ones when I was a cute little kid) are just some of the most awkward photos I’ve ever seen! Mouth half open, retainers, that unfortunate perm that gave me “Michael Jackson” bangs when I was 11. Yeah, that was real. Hello, 1995. Can you relate? Think back to the crap you went through at that age.

Now, imagine the impact a single beautiful image of you could have had when you were going through that stage of your life.

I can’t begin to imagine the pressures kids face today. I’m so thankful there was no Facebook or Snapchat or Twitter when I was a kid, as much of a helpful tool as it is to me today (well, let’s face it, I’m no good at Snapchat and I’m not sure I can learn).
I’m not a mother, but I know if you are, that you know more than me. Maybe you’ve felt your daughter’s pain when she came home from school crying because someone told her she was fat, or made fun of her freckles or her glasses. I remember crying to my mom. And you know your daughter has so much to offer if the tormentors of her world could just let her, and if she would just understand that there is SO much more out there beyond the bullying.

Or maybe you’re just frantically looking through the family albums for the photos of the kids between the ages of 9 and 15??? Of course, I don’t think many families actually keep albums today. Most of the photos are on our phones and our social media. I’d like to bring back the tangible photograph. It’s so much easier to enjoy.

So, from now until the end of February, I’m going to offer $50 Tween Sessions at my studio for girls age 9-13. These aren’t cheesy, let me see that big smile, click, click, click sessions. We’re going to show your girl’s personality– her strength, poise and confidence. Every tween will get an 8×10 of choice in a hand-painted frame from the session as a reminder that she’s beautiful and confident and has great things in store for her future.


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