Melissa McGhee is a professional portrait photographer in Lee’s Summit, MO, just outside of Kansas City.

Hey there, I’m Melissa.

I spent more than eight years specializing in interior and architectural photography, traveling throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean photographing hotels and resorts. I’ve been to some amazing places and I’ve met some really wonderful people. I know I’ve experienced so much that many people haven’t. And believe me, I’ve had more than one acquaintance jealous of my “dream” job and I can’t even begin to count the number of times over the years I heard “I’ll be your assistant. Take me with you!”

But while I was home in between trips, I photographed children, engagements, maternity and babies and the occasional wedding for friends and family and others who heard about my work by word of mouth. I had no intention to be a portrait photographer at any point during my four years I spent earning my photography degree. But things change…

I made the decision about two years ago to give up the travel life– mostly! There were things I wanted in my life that you just can’t easily have on the road. I had a pretty great boyfriend and it was tough to leave him all the time. I wanted a dog.. oh, how I wanted my own dog! And I wanted something else… I wanted to take portraits. Sure, I could take a beautiful photograph of a fancy hotel suite or restaurant. They made people want to go there- that was the point. And I did very much enjoy creating beautiful photographs of beautiful places.

But with portrait photography, there is a connection you make with your subject that can’t be beat. A great photographer has the power to capture pure joy, boundless love and moments of pure bliss and transfer those memories to a print that can be cherished FOREVER. With technology today, professionally printed photographs and products will long outlast us. We can pass them down for generations to enjoy.

I wish I had so many more photographs to look through of my grandparents and great grand parents. And those photos stuck on my cell phone aren’t going to do anything for future generations!

I am proud to offer portrait sessions tailored to you and professional quality products. Many of the products I offer can be seen here in real home settings. Please check out my work and contact me through my website or via Facebook for a free consultation!

***Also.. I got my dog, Arlo, who is my shadow and loyal friend, and that boyfriend I didn’t like to travel without became my fiance. So I’d say I’m pretty happy with my decision to stick around Kansas City.


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