More fun with the Mitchell Family

I’d be surprised if you haven’t already seen images from past sessions with the Mitchell family. Ben and Jenny really value the importance of documenting their memories with professional photography, and I’m so grateful to be the one invited into their lives to help them celebrate these special moments!

My first portrait session with the Mitchell’s was a maternity session when the couple was expecting Ella, who has grown into such an adorable girl!

This particular day was, well, cold. And windy! And cloudy. But we did it! We braved the chill and made it happen! Baby Haley had just celebrated her first birthday the day before, joining older sister Ella and Jenny’s mother, brother and sister-in-law.

Although not much had started turning green yet, dad and husband Ben found this location with a nice bridge and a really cool creek. We threw a few rocks into the creek from the bridge. When Ella was asked if she wanted to be thrown in too, she said, “No! I am not a rock!”

Good reasoning, Ella!


Here’s the whole group. The cold is starting to really get us, but both girls were cooperating, and you might notice Ella helping to make sure Haley was looking toward the camera if you look closely. šŸ˜‰



We ended the afternoon with a few quick photos in this chair, just as we had done a year ago when Haley was brand new. Look at how much they’ve grown… and how much faster they move!


Thanks for reading!

You can view images from the Mitchell’sĀ previousĀ portrait session here.

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