It feels like spring… a reflection on fall

The weather is gorgeous on this January day in KC! It’s 59 degrees, which basically feels like a perfect 72 after the snow and frigid temps we had last week. I know this won’t last.. tomorrow’s high is only 32, but I am itching to get back outside to shoot! I love the freedom of outdoor portraits, and outdoor portraits in colder months aren’t impossible either with the occasional warmer day nature gives us.

Last fall I hosted some mini sessions and never shared anything since lots of the families were using the image for Christmas gifts, so here are a few of my favorites from each family. Finally!

Miranda & Allison

The Jeffery Family

DebDeb and Parker & Lilah

The Koffenbergers

The Farrar Family

The Merchant boys

And the Reades!

Lots of fun and silliness all day long! And each of these collections (plus more) were shot in 20 minutes or less!

Thanks for reading,

Melissa McGhee


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