The James Family Portraits

I had a great session with the extended James family earlier this Spring in Kansas City. They showed up looking great- it can’t be easy to coordinate 12 different outfits, but they managed to do it perfectly! My favorite part was the cooler they brought in tow (all around that huge park) which may or may not have had adult beverages inside. Hey, whatever it takes to loosen up for the lens, right?!

Daughter Nikki and her sisters planned this photo shoot as a gift for their mother Jeanette’s birthday- and what great memories we captured for her and the whole gang!

Jeanette James with her husband and four beautiful daughters.
Mr. & Mrs. James
All the girls!

I have to thank the family for making it a breeze to photograph a dozen people at once. Everyone was very cooperative, smiling, and happy, and nobody complained (too much) about the long walk we had to take to get to this beautiful blossoming tree!

And here’s the whole group!

The whole extended James family.

Nikki contacted me again a few weeks after the group shoot and I was happy to photograph her daughter Allison for her one year portraits. She’s pretty adorable!




Like what you see? Connect with me to schedule your portrait shoot.




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